We like to keep it fresh, changing the menu as & when we discover great new recipes. You can expect everything from brunch dishes to dinner plates, including our HK exclusives. Sourcing from suppliers & producers who do things the right way, we let the great ingredients do the talking.

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The clean eats spot is such a cool place to eat when you want something light and fresh, almost everything is made with Avocados and the flavors are on point. www.forbes.com

Avobar manages to do more with avocados than most of us could possibly imagine, with a wide range of dishes served in a casual and relaxed setting. We never knew avocado could be included in so many dishes. www.hkcitylife.com

全港首家以牛油果為主的英國倫敦人氣餐廳Avobar 進駐香港 K11 MUSEA ,以大量牛油果入饌,全日提供各種健康美食,每一口都是滿滿健康牛油果 www.voguehk.com

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Our Avocados

We set high standards when it comes to our food & ensure we source our avocados ethically & sustainably. Our avo supplier partners with growers & farmers from all over the world, to bring us avocados all year round, without undercutting the farmer.

Rainforest Alliance certification is a must & air freight is a no-no.
Good business is ethical business.

Our Avos are the best Hass Avos we can buy, never air freighted & always from sustainable farmers that respect their workers & our world